Men’s Sex Health: Are Your Skivvies #$&@ Blocking You In The Bedroom

Men’s Sex Health: Are Your Skivvies #$&@ Blocking You In The Bedroom

Stop Poisoning Your Sex Life

Virility is at the heart of every man.
You are strong and energetic; you exude manliness and have a healthy sex drive. You are in peak condition because you care for yourself. We see you working out. We see you eating well. But wait …

What if we told you that something you do every day puts your virility at risk?!

Let’s double-check your ‘healthy’ lifestyle shall we:

  • You eat more healthy foods than unhealthy foods.
  • You work out fairly regularly.
  • You look after your body, mind, and soul.
  • You make sure your clothing is not laden with toxic chemicals.

Wait. What? My clothes are filled with toxic chemicals?
Yes, didn’t you know? Synthetic fibers and chemical dyes mean that what you wear can have a negative impact on your health.

There are Chemicals in Your Clothing

Unlike food labels, the fashion industry isn’t required to disclose the lists of ‘ingredients’ that go into making the clothes that are touching your skin – your largest organ. (No, really, your skin is larger.)

Even some garments that are made of natural fibers like cotton and wool have been treated with pesticides or herbicides unless they are certified organic.

Men love buying stuff that’s wrinkle-, stain-, odor-, fire-, and water-resistant because it makes life easier. However, if you knew what chemicals were used to make that stuff X-resistant you would realize that ‘easier’ isn’t always better.

Here’s a quick list of some of the toxic chemicals that can be found in your clothing:

  • Conventional cotton farming accounts for 25% of the pesticides used worldwide.
  • Polyester, nylon, acrylic, acetate, and triacetate are made with Petrochemicals.
  • New clothing is sprayed with formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling and mildew during shipping. (Isn’t formaldehyde the stuff they use on dead bodies?)
  • Weatherproof clothing is made using Perfluorocarbon (PFC).
  • Workout gear that promises anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties contains triclosan, nanoparticle silver, and phthalates.
  • Black clothing and denim contain Phenylenediamine (PPD).
  • Leather goods are tanned using chromium.

I am no chemical engineer or scientist. What the heck does that all mean anyway? Not all chemicals are toxic – after all water and oxygen are chemicals too aren’t they?

Good point. So we decided to investigate the chemicals used by the textile industry and see if there are any adverse health conditions associated with them.

Hold your horses, boys; you aren't going to like this.

The Chemicals in Your Clothing Can Harm Your Health


Health Risks


Brain damage, fetal damage, sterility.


Skin suffocation, headaches, nausea, skin irritation, respiratory problems.


Dermatitis, lung cancer.


Kidney failure, testicular cancer.


Liver and inhalation toxicity, liver cancer.

Nanoparticle Silver

Hormone disruption and DNA damage.


Cancers, adult obesity, reduced testosterone.


Skin allergies, contact dermatitis.


Rash, skin bleaching, nosebleeds, respiratory problems, lung cancer, and alteration of genetic material (for tannery employees).

Weakened immune system, kidney and/or liver damage (for wearers).


Do you see how the toxins in your clothing are robbing you of your virility?
We weren’t exaggerating when we warned you: Stop poisoning your sex life.

How do the Toxic Chemicals in my Clothes Harm Me?

Unless you’re walking around naked (all those in favor of this idea say “Yeah!”) you are wrapping your skin in layers of clothing.

Your skin needs to breathe.
You discharge toxins through your skin when you perspire. Mostly when you work out, but even that brisk walk from your office to the toilet after your third coffee will have you working up a bit of a sweat. Synthetic clothes (think of your underwear) restrict the release of these toxins.

Your skin is absorbent.
Day-to-day activities will cause any dude to sweat, it’s nothing to be ashamed of – in fact it’s part of your virility. Women sweat too, they just don’t like to admit it (they call it ‘Sparkling’). Your sweat and your body heat result in a crazy chemical reaction with the toxins in your synthetic undies, but it's the wrong kind of chemical reaction!

This table illustrates the shocking truth:  

Chemical absorption rates through the skin of various bodily regions.

Body region

Percent relative absorption



Palm of hands


Ball of foot








Ear canal




University of Florida: IFAS Extension

Truth be told your underwear area is the hottest part of your body. We know you thought so all along but now you have proof.

This means your prime property is the hotspot for absorbing toxins found in chemically produced synthetic fabric colored with unnatural dyes. This is bound to have a negative effect on your sexual health.

Did you know?

  • Up to one-third of married couples experience fertility problems
  • Synthetic fibers produce electrostatic discharges that contribute to infertility in men and a possible link to prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction

Protect Your Sex-Life by Wearing Chemical-Free Underwear

Replacing all the clothing in your wardrobe for chemical-free alternatives may be a costly exercise. We would recommend that you start with one or two items. After reading this article we’re sure you’ll agree that your underwear is the best place to start because:

  • Underwear has the most intimate connection to your body
  • Stretchy synthetic undies are full of chemicals
  • Your groin is a hotspot which causes an unwanted chemical reaction with all the toxins in mass-produced undies

Wolf x Rose Intimates are made using clean, cool, GOTS certified hemp to safeguard your private parts. In the past, people have avoided wearing hemp because of its rough feel but thanks to (safe) advancements in textile production we have designed and patented our soft-hemp-tech fabric. This fabric draws from all the advantages of sustainable hemp with the super-soft stretchy characteristics usually only found in synthetic fibers.

We are Wolf x Rose and we just revolutionized the way you care for your most precious parts.

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Your future you will thank you.