Le Beau Monde

$ 88
Our beautiful sustainable T-shirt bra allows for any lady to wear something natural yet minimal when elegantly paired under a V-neck T-shirt or linen button down. Le Beau Monde bra has been tested to insure comfort and elegance.The hemp fibers are breathable, strong and naturally antibacterial eliminating exposure to any toxins or harmful chemicals found in synthetic bras and dyes. Elastic is natural cotton stretch. An alternative option for any lady everyday for optimal breast health avoiding those carcinogens found in commercial brands. Formaldehyde a known carcinogen is the major catalyst for cancer causing cells found in every synthetically dyed bra. Now there is an option to avoid more risk as we become more aware. 
Designed in Tennessee and sewn in our fair labor family factory in California. 100% hemp T-shirt Bra hand woven with no chemical synthetic dyes in the process.

Offered in sizes:

XS (30 A-D/ 32A/B)

S (32 C-D/ 33 A-D)

M (34 A-D)

L (36 A-D)


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