The Wolf X Rose Collection is a line of non-toxic undies designed in Malibu, CA by Tennessee Native, Jeff Garner. Each boxer, bra, and panty is made of natural fibers using plant based dyes.


Prophetik undies are constructed solely with hemp, GOTS certified organic cotton, plant-based dyes, and organic cotton rubber elastic waistband. This construction allows for superior breathability and natural fabric properties while diminishing the risk of the absorption of dangerous chemicals through the skin.

Other underwear brands that utilize toxic fibers and dyes which contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, TDI, and dioxin. These chemicals ingest into our skin and are the leading culprits of prostate and breast cancer.  


It is our goal to outfit as many people as possible in our toxic free undies to help prevent prostate and breast cancer and give back the power of choice to the consumer.