Meet Founder Jeff Garner

Jeff has designed for and dressed Giselle Bundchen, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, Cara Delivigne, Suzy Cameron and other artists.


He recently won an Emmy for his sustainable documentary “Remastered” produced by Design Sensory which shines a light on the toxins in fashion and health implications along with the artist's journey.


When not designing sustainable garments you can find Jeff surfing or on horseback. Garner surfs twice a day religiously and gets on a horse whenever possible. He is fueled by meditation and acai bowls. Our guy literally eats acai bowls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


You will never find Jeff wearing any garment that he did not create himself all from plant based fibers & dyes. Garner is the most authentic representation of what the world would look like dressed head to toe in sustainbility. Jeff is passionate about getting every human into toxin free garments.

I founded Wolf x Rose to allow more people to touch, feel, and understand the difference in toxin free clothing. Our goal is reach a broader audience with the universal need for undergarments for gents, ladies, and children alike and give back the power of choice to consumers.

Olivia Corwin

Chief Sustainability Officer

Olivia is in charge of making sure our values are being expressed along every level of our supply chain. She also makes the worlds best sourdough bread. 

Matthew Shubin

Ambassador Of Ethos

Matt fosters our community of sustainable change makers who are co-creating a world where non-toxic fashion is the norm. In his free time he uses his 6’9 height to help friends rally at music festivals.