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Apply To Be An

Ambassador Today!

Apply To Be An Ambassador Today!

If you wear underwear and want to use your influence for good then join us as we promote products that are actually good for both our body and the planet.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you think you would be the perfect Wolf & Rose Ambassador.

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Wolfpack Requirements

Ambassadors must use their platform for good to consistently promote one or more of the following; health/wellness, fitness, sustainability, minimalism and/or plant-based lifestyle. The minimum following for Wolfpack Ambassadors is 10k, though quality of engagement with community is more valued than quantity. 


Ambassador Benefits


Free to Sign Up

Ambassadors also receive a

steady supply of toxin free

undies to protect their most

intimate self.


4 Tier Referral Tree

Recruit your sustainable

influencer friends to join the

wolfpack and earn referal bonuses when they make referrals.


Run With Us

Create content, give feedback

on designs, participate in exclusive experiences

and get featured.

<p>Why Our Referral Bonuses Are The</p><p>Highest</p>

Why Our Referral Bonuses Are The


Why Our Referral Bonuses Are The Highest

To further the cause we have created the most competitive ambassador referral program in the world so that taste-makers now have the option to use their platform for good rather than having to partner with less than ethical fashion brands.

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